Virtual Manufacturing Services - Synergising Chemistry and Capability

India is today, a major outsourcing hub. However, selecting a suitable partner for outsourcing becomes a near impossible task given the sheer number of players, each with varying focus areas, capabilities, capacities, processes and standards.

At S. Amit, we have the expertise and experience to develop cost effective outsourcing solutions. Our team has extensive experience in R&D, process development and production and is able to tap its extended network of manufacturers, development personnel and technologists to identify, implement, monitor and sustain the entire production process. The VMS business is available from gram to multi-ton lot production.

The S. Amit concept of custom synthesis of products is a novel way of

  • Delivering solutions for both generic products and custom synthesis
  • Ensuring supply reliability
  • Achieving cost-effective and sustainable manufacturing, utilising and networking innovative technologies
  • Addressing quality concerns
  • Maximising results in the shortest time

Business Model

  • Identify
    • Identify trustworthy partners and suitable manufacturing facilities that meet all the customer requirements and statutory regulations
  • Implement & Monitor
    • Assist the manufacturer in developing best practices and providing engineering services to enhance the production process
    • If technology is available, co-ordinate with the know-how supplier to demonstrate the process to the manufacturer
    • Alternately develop the process in a time bound manner
  • Sustain
    • Source raw materials from best sources globally, providing duty paid goods to the manufacturer
    • Co-ordinate with various independent agencies to certify that product meets required specification
    • Provide marketing services to existing customer base
    • Ability and willingness to invest


Below is a list of chemistries offered by the S. Amit Group via its network of manufacturers.

  • Acetaldehyde Storage and Handling System
  • Beechemp Reduction
  • Cynation
  • Friedal Craft Reactions
  • Grignard Synthesis
  • Lead based Salts
  • Lithiation
  • Nitrile Compounds
  • Nitration & Reduction
  • Oxidation
  • Photo Chlorination
  • Photo Bromination
  • Reductive Amination / Hydrogenation Using Catalyst
  • Sandmeyer Chemistry
  • Thionyl Chloride Reactions - Solid Handling by GL Rotacone Vaccum Dryer
  • Vapour Phase Reactions

VMS Projects - Ongoing and Completed

  • In the process of setting up the supply chain for a catalyst company based in Europe
    • Scale of operation from lab > commercialization
    • Indentified a manufacturing partner to conduct product trials
    • Assisting in the transfer of technology and optimization process
    • Identified business opportunities and working with catalyst company to undertake application development
    • Marketing the catalyst and other products in India and other regions
  • Achieved commercialization of a bio process for an API intermediate
    • Process involved unique and selective biocatalyst
    • Low temperature reaction with use of liquid nitrogen as a cooling medium
    • Achieved commercial scale operations within 3 months
    • Surpassed yields and conversions levels given by the customer
  • Process implementation for a chiral API intermediate in an ultra modern GMP plant, and supplied to our principal the required product with regard to quality, quantity, cost and within set timelines
    • Scale of operation from lab > commercialization
    • Trials completed and commercial quantity supplied in record time
    • Supplied the required quantity of product as per quality requirement and within cost