Indenting - Your Alternate Sustainable Supply Source

For the past sixty years S. Amit has represented reputed global manufacturers, marketing pharmaceutical & agro chemicals intermediates as well as specialty & performance chemicals in India.

Having earned a reputation as a 'thinking organisation that delivers', S. Amit has developed markets for products in India by assisting its principals in educating the customer base about applications and technical and commercial advantages of such products.

Over its long history, S. Amit has gathered an in depth knowledge of the local market, its end users, their requirements with regard to products and chemistries, end applications, and competition, thereby allowing the Company to better service its principals in developing a strategy to develop and penetrate the market.

In turn, the user base has gained tremendous confidence in the Company as a reliable and sustainable provider of vital chemical resources with the highest standards of quality, reliable service and knowledge of the overall global and local scenario.

Supply Network

Our supply partners span across the globe and most often have a differentiating technological or chemistry based expertise or a resource-based advantage. S. Amit continues to identify and establish partnerships with manufacturers that offer quality products and reliable supply.

  • Albemarle, USA
  • Bitolea, Italy
  • Caffaro, Italy
  • Chiral Quest, USA
  • Chongqing Changfeng, China
  • Cytec Industries, USA
  • Danyang Wanlong China
  • Entron – SunPoly & ShinePoly, China
  • Farmasino Pharmaceuticals, China
  • Gaylord Chemical, USA
  • Honeywell, USA
  • Ineos ChlorVinyls Belgium NV, Belgium
  • Jasun Pharmchem, China
  • Jingjiang Hongtai, China
  • Macro-M, Mexico
  • Materchem, China
  • Ningbo Nengzhiguang New Materials Technology, China
  • Norchem, North America
  • Polyscope, Netherlands
  • QQMC, China
  • Reuter Chemische Apparatebau, Germany
  • Shandong Guobang Pharmaceutical, China
  • Shanghai Twisun Bio-pharm, China
  • Sinochem Jiangsu, China
  • South Hampton Resources, USA
  • Taixing Foreign Trade Nangjing Co., China
  • Tessenderlo Italia, Italy
  • Vertellus, USA
  • Viwit Pharmaceutical, China
  • Weifang Jahwa, China
  • Weihai Jinhass Chemical Co., China
  • Zengzhou New Frey Biotechnology, China
  • Zhejiang Chemicals, China
  • Zeon Corporation, Japan

Value Add

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Indian market – consumption patterns, pricing trends, new production
  • Strong proprietary database of products, applications, manufacturers and end users
  • Participate in product development
  • Techno-commercial sales team with expertise in marketing products and their chemistry
  • Establish suppliers' credibility by understanding their core competencies
  • Provide new opportunity by recommending products to our suppliers based on their chemistry strength / asset base
  • To provide logistics, technical, legal support if required
  • Mind set to work transparently to achieve set objectives for the long term while balancing needs of the short term

Expertise Across Chemistries

S. Amit has in the past partnered with fine chemical companies each a dominant player within its sphere of expertise. Over its life, S. Amit has built a knowledge base of products and customers across various chemistries

  • Albemarle – Bromine derivatives
  • Tessenderlo – Toulene & Chloro Toluene derivatives
  • Boregard – Diphenol derivatives
  • Callery Chemical – Borane chemistry
  • Chemi Linz – Ozonolysis
  • Elf Atochem – Sulfur chemicals
  • FMC Lithium – Lithium compounds
  • Pennwalt – Sulfur chemistry
  • PPG Industry – Phosgene chemistry
  • Stauffer Chemical – Phosphorus chemistry
  • Zeeland Chemicals – various fine chemicals
  • Zeneca Fine Chemical – Fluoro compounds, Phosphorus compounds, Enzyme technology