Encapsulated Metal CatalystsNetworking Technology for the Customer's Benefit

In its effort to move up the value chain, S. Amit has been concentrating on networking new technologies based on its exposure and its experiences of partnering with various international companies as well as its connections with R&D and academia.

In 2011, the group acquired Reaxa Ltd. in the U.K. An offshoot of ICI Fine Chemical, Reaxa has developed patented technology on encapsulation for precious metal catalyst such as Palladium, Platinum, Nickel and other metals. This is purely a performance part of chemistry, which helps us to provide better value to our customers.

While application development is taking place in the U.K., the actual commercial production will be in India.

These products have completed successful lab trials in commercial applications and further trials are under way at pharmaceutical, fine chemical and specialty companies in Europe, North America, India and Japan.

Benefit to the Customer

  • Reaxa offers safer, cleaner and easier process technologies based on encapsulated precious metals like Palladium, Platinum, Nickel and Osmium
  • Encats are re-usable
  • Encapsulated in a polymer matrix, the Encats result in reduced metal and ligands contamination
  • Faster plant turnaround is possible because of easy filtration; the Encats do not stick to the surface, hence allowing for easy cleaning of reactors
  • Can be used in batch and continuous operations both in R&D as well as production
  • High activity and selectivity in many types of reactions
  • Encats are safer to handle as they are not Pyrophoric
  • Waste streams are cleaner
  • Higher selectivity due to diffusion
  • Encats are available for Pd(0), Pd(2), Pt(0), Ni, Os
  • Several Ligands can be provided like TPP, TOTP, BINAP, polyTPP
  • Wide array of applications - Encat Pd (0) & Ni can be used in Hydrogenation and Debenzylation; Pd(0) can be used in coupling reactions such as Suzuki; Os Encat is suitable for Dihydroxylation

Services Offered

Reaxa can work on a confidential basis with your R&D and production teams to provide various customised services including proof of concept, process optimisation and commercial supply of product.

Product Offering

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